Michael Sheridan

Minneapolis Bankruptcy Lawyer

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EMail: msheridan@atlasfirm.com

Direct Line: 763-229-7538

Practice Areas: Bankruptcy, Chapter 7, Chapter 13

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Mike is an attorney with the law firm of Minneapolis Bankruptcy Lawyer, concentrating his practice in Chapter 7 and Chapter 13 bankruptcy.  Whether a client comes to Mike for help resolving crippling debt, getting relief from a garnishment, or is looking for a fresh start, he works to resolve the issue and help the client achieve their goal in a manner that is cost-efficient, effective, compassionate and confidential.

Bankruptcy as a Solution for Individuals or Businesses

Mike is an experienced bankruptcy attorney having honed his skill at one of the largest bankruptcy law firms in Minnesota.  By being at a smaller firm like Minneapolis Bankruptcy Lawyer, Mike is able to provide his clients with much more one-on-one attention than attorneys at large firms with hundreds of clients.  This means that when his clients have questions or issues that arise, they are able to contact him directly and have their issues addressed quickly, rather than being passed off to someone who cannot provide them with legal advice.  Mike represents debtors with a wide variety of debt problems in bankruptcy proceedings.  In that role Mike assists his clients in deciding if bankruptcy is the best remedy for their debt problems, and if so, what chapter of bankruptcy best suits their needs and goals.  

Legal Experience & Expertise

  • Garnishments / Bank Levies
  • Mortgage foreclosures and modifications
  • Mechanics' lien issues and foreclosure
  • Contract for Deed and mortgage issues in bankruptcy
  • Tax debt and issues in bankruptcy
  • Fair Debt Collection Practices Act

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