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Minneapolis Bankruptcy Lawyer established its leadership in the area of environmental law when they helped a client secure the first Federal Brownfield Revolving Loan Fund clean-up loan for a project in the State of Minnesota. The firms leadership in this area of law continues pioneering the use of environmental grants and loans as equity in redevelopment projects.

We represent real estate developers; manufacturers; lenders; municipal entities; and businesses clients in all aspects of environmental law. Our lawyers regularly help clients assess the environmental impacts and liabilities associated with real estate and business transactions, including drafting indemnification and other contractual terms to protect against the impact of environmental and toxic tort liabilities.

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Again the Minnesota PUC got it wrong. Nov 18, 2011

They were given the chance to reconsider their decision on the AWA Goodhue Large Wind Energy Project where the MPUC stretched to approve a project that provides a case of first impression where the right of non-participants in the project directly conflict with the political and public relations activities of an out of state developer who will take the money and run as soon as they can sell the challenges of actually building, running and maintaining the project to someone else. Sounds a little like Solyndra...more

PUC denies motion to reconsider Goodhue wind project Nov 14, 2011

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