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Again the Minnesota PUC got it wrong.

They were given the chance to reconsider their decision on the AWA Goodhue Large Wind Energy Project where the MPUC stretched to approve a project that provides a case of first impression where the right of non-participants in the project directly conflict with the political and public relations activities of an out of state developer who will take the money and run as soon as they can sell the challenges of actually building, running and maintaining the project to someone else. Sounds a little like Solyndra...more

PUC denies motion to reconsider Goodhue wind project

Here is an update to unfolding Goodhue wind project that Dan Schleck has been closely involved with....more

Proposal in Wisconsin that would establish minimum setbacks for Wind Energy projects

The proposal is meeting lots of challenges from Wind Developers in Wisconsin and its passage is not guaranteed....more

Affects of wind farms on Land Owners

Affects of Large Wind Energy Conversion Systems (LWECS) and Wind Turbines that are imposed on non-participation adjacent land owners...more

Radar Issues with Wind Turbines

The attached articles clearly show that there are degradations in both civil and military radar performance based on proximity to wind turbines. ...more

Current Developments in Storm Water Permitting

A PDF Presentation by Dan Schleck, Presented on April 22 - Earth Day, 2010...more

War of the Winds, ABA Journal February 2010

Wind farms are a growing source of clean energy. But some of the neighbors are beginning to complain....more

PCA Citizens Board Approves Issuance of Final Industrial General Storm Water Permit

This completion of a new permit by MPCA marks an important step forward for all regulated parties. ...more

Hennepin County Environmental Response Fund Notification

Hennepin County Environmental Services is accepting applications for the Spring 2010 Environmental Response Fund (ERF) grant round....more

Environmental Regulation of Dental Office Waste Disposal

PRESENTED BY: DANIEL S. SCHLECK February, 2010 Legally if you discharge any hazardous substance down the sewer or In solid waste you are regulated. ...more

Update on Minnesota General Industrial Storm water Permit

We are canceling the ISW work group testing of the on-line permitting system on the Thursday January 28th. The better news is that we have rescheduled the session for Thursday February 11th 9-noon same location (St Paul, MPCA, training room). ...more

Public Health Impacts of Wind Turbines

Prepared by: Minnesota Department of Health Environmental Health Division. In response to a request from: Minnesota Department of Commerce Office of Energy Security...more

Government Questions about Wind Turbine Induced Air Traffic Radar Clutter

Electricity-generating wind turbines are considered an essential part of reducing U.S. reliance on fossil fuels...more

County regulation of Wind Turbines

Handouts given to Goodhue County Commissioners regarding Minnesota laws on County regulation of Wind Turbines - 11/17/09...more

Update of Minnesota Environmental Review Rules

2009 Environmental Quality Board Update: Environmental Review Program Rules Gregg Downing, EQB Staff MSBA Seminar, 11-18-09...more

Download Draft Industrial Stormwater Guidebook

Download in PDF form the new Draft Industrial Stormwater Guidebook...more

Internal investigations and criminal enforcement

Since the early 1980s, special agents with the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) criminal enforcement program have investigated cases under virtually every environmental statute, protecting human health and ...more

Ontario Health Study on Wind Turbines

Adverse health effects with industrial wind turbines and the need for vigilance....more

Texas Property Value Study from Wind Turbines 02/09

Will a wind turbine on my property affect my property value or my neighbor's?...more

Appraisal One Group Wisconsin Property Valuation Study based on Wind Turbine Projects 9/09

This is a study of the impact that wind turbines have on residential property value. The wind turbines that are the focus of this study are the larger turbines being approximately 389ft tall and producing 1.0+ megawatts each....more

Goodhue Wind Presentation 9/30/09

Dan Schleck gave this presentation on wind and how it might affect you....more

Public notice, draft Stormwater MSGP permit published by MPCA in Minnesota State Register

Information which explains aspects of the stormwater permit and the basis for some of the decisions the permit incorporates....more

Congress approves the Mortgage Disclosure Act of 2008

What does the Mortgage Disclosure Improvement Act of 2008 mean to me? The Key elements of the ACT are: Consistent lending practices among lenders Protects consumers Keeping the consumer informed of the APR (Annual PercentagevRate) allowing the consumer time to change or amend their decision on the mortgage transaction. More informed on the mortgage process. Instructs a waiting period before a loan can close. Minimizes the collection of fees up front at application....more

MPCA to publish final Stormwater General Permit for Comment

MPCA indicated that efforts were under-way to send the public notice for the draft permit to the State Register on June 17, 2009, a step that begins the public comment period. Furthermore, the MPCA indicated that a revised DRAFT permit would be sent to the workgroup by today (two days prior), for workgroup review....more

MPCA Addresses Brownfield Users' Concerns

As you may know, Minnesota Pollution Control Agency (MPCA) conducted focus groups in 2008 to solicit comments regarding the improvement of the Voluntary Investigation and Cleanup (VIC) Program and the Petroleum Brownfield Program (PBP)....more

Minnesota's New Stormwater General Permit

The regulation of stormwater is divided into three separate programs: the Construction program, the Municipal Separate Storm Sewer System (“MS4”) program, and the Industrial program....more

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