PUC denies motion to reconsider Goodhue wind project

Here is an update to unfolding Goodhue wind project that Dan Schleck has been closely involved with.

By Brett Boese
The Post-Bulletin, Rochester MN

SAINT PAUL — The Minnesota Public Utilities Commission rejected a motion to reconsider its July decision to issue a site permit and certificate of need to the AWA Goodhue wind project in Goodhue County.

The PUC denial passed by a 4-1 vote, with minimal discussion by the commissioners and no public comment before a crowd of about 75.

"I'm not surprised," said attorney Dan Schleck, who represents the Coalition for Sensible Siting, which was one of four groups to petition for reconsideration. "I expected this denial to be another rubber stamp, and that's what it was."

Critics say they plan to file a legal challenge in court.

A number of questions remain before the 78-megawatt wind project can begin construction, but representatives have repeatedly said they plan to begin construction in 2011 to be eligible for more than $50 million in federal funding.

National Wind President and CEO Peter Mastic, who is developing the project, declined comment.

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