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At Minneapolis Bankruptcy Lawyer, we represent developers, investors, lenders, and business owners in the acquisition, development, financing, sale and leasing of real estate. We can protect you in both routine and complex transactions and disputes. Look to us for responsive, flexible, practical support in all areas of real estate law.

Our team of real estate law experts handle contract for deed issues for purchasers, sellers and investors, including negotiation and preparation of purchase agreements, representation at closings, conducting of closings, amendment and extension issues, cancellation issues, federal and state tax lien issues, bankruptcy issues, eviction issues and title correction issues. Our firm has represented contract for deed holders in canceling hundreds of contracts for deed, including related ancillary services such as bankruptcy court "lift-stay" motions, tax lien issues, unlawful detainer (or eviction) actions and Torrens Proceedings Subsequent following the cancellations.

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Guidelines for use of Mechanics Liens

Mechanic's lien statutes in Minnesota offer a valuable remedy for contractors, subs and suppliers in cases of payment disputes. It is important to follow the guidelines set forth in the statute to successfully preserve the rights provided by mechanic’s liens....more

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